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I made the list. Very honored to be featured amongst so many other very talented artists!


Camera USA 2015 Finalist

My self portrait, "Pain in the Alley"  has been selected to hang in the Von Liebig Art Gallery in Naples FL in June. I am so honored to be chosen as a finalist, and even if I don't win the grand prize, I consider myself a winner already. It will be the first time that my work will be displayed in a true gallery and I am very proud. Wish me luck!

UPDATE : I did not win, but I still feel very honored.

NAPP Images of the Week

In this section you will see all of the images, along with the write-ups they recieved, that were featured on the National Association of Photoshop Professional's 'Image of the Week' page. I am truly honored to have been featured multiple times, as the site is FILLED with so many unbelievable images from people all around the world. To be recognized in such a way is truly exciting for me. Thanks to Larry Becker at NAPP for becoming such a fan of my work. Thanks Larry!


NAPP Image of the Week 10.13.14 - IMAGE OF THE WEEK

Steve Augulis shows us that life is a beach with “Halloween Postcard.” Steve creates another wonderful image that is both funny, disturbing and lovely… no bones about it. If you haven’t taken a look at his self portraits, make sure you do, starting with the companion to this one. Keep up the great work Steve!

Snow Miser

NAPP Image of the Week 9.12.14 - Editor's Choice Pick

Steve Augulis plays it cool with “Snow Miser.” this image goes in conjunction with his “Heat Miser” image and is quite fun and well done. Steve consistently submits images that have dynamic elements along with great expression, and this one is very very good. This one will not end up on the island of misfit toys! Great work Steve.


NAPP Image of the Week 7.11.14 - Editor's Choice Pick

Steve Augulis takes a page out of his own book to bring us “Bookworm.” This image is just so well crafted… There is a lot going on that makes you stop and try to appreciate it all. The upside down book and the morphing through the pages along with the framing and processing all leave us with a poetic image. I hope that makes sense. It reminds me of a weird children’s tale or I am interrupting a mad wizard and he is looking at me through the book… there is mystery and intrique and I want to know more. This image makes me stop and take a look before I move on to the next one, and that is a winner. For an illiterate Steve does darn fine work! :D (disclaimer: Steve is not illiterate, I don’t think… goofy and gifted for sure, but I think he is capable of reading.)

Infinity...Sort of

NAPP Image of the Week 3.14.14- IMAGE OF THE WEEK

Steve Augulis receives top billing this week with his image “Infinity…sort of.” I really like the fun and kooky-ness of this image… the lighting and expressions are wonderful. Creative thought and probably too much time on his hands give us a great image… the hair doesn’t hurt either. :D Steve keep up the good work!

This is the first time I received top billing. Thanks NAPP!

Cirque du Soleil

NAPP Image of the Week 10.25.12 - Editor's Choice Pick

NAPP member Steve Augulis was really busy uploading all kinds of great HDR images this week and there were so many that two made the final cut. Still, you should see the rest of his impressive portfolio. More great stuff! His first featured image is Cirque du Soleil and it features a night shot from a low angle. Corey likes the low angle and the beautiful color. He also likes how the artificial light in addition to the HDR lit elements all combine to make an interesting image.


NAPP Image of the Week 11.1.12 - Editor's Choice Pick

Steve Augulis makes another appearance this week with a Halloween worthy image called Halloween. Brad described it as creepy in a good way and we both liked the post processing to emphasize the eyes and sharp teeth. Brad said that he couldn’t really tell if the teeth are legitimate or retouched, so that means it’s a good retouch.

Old Glory

NAPP Image of the Week 11.29.12 - Editor's Choice Pick

Steve Augulis is a photographer whose work has been here more than once. This guy has such great vision, camera skills, and obviously solid post processing skills, that his work should be checked regularly. As someone born in the US, I have seen hundreds of thousands of images of the American flag, so it’s incredibly difficult to capture a different image. Old Glory is different in a very good way. The backlighting and simple composition make this a great image!

Flat Calm

Image of the Week 3.1.2013 - Editor's Choice Pick

Great landscapes are all about location PLUS the time of day, and Steve Augulis obviously got up early to capture Flat Calm. The HDR processing brought out the richness of the colors and the broader spectrum of light. And there’s something special about true calm water as opposed to “apparently” calm water created by an ND filter and long exposure. We also love how rich, cool blues and warm yellows blend with one another in this image to add an interesting warm/cold contrast element to the image.

Flour Madness

NAPP Image of the Week 6.20.2013 - Editor's Choice Pick

I’ve been a fan of NAPP member Steve Augulis for a long time. He posts a variety of impressive images on a regular basis and this guy really understands light, composition, and post processing! His recent self portrait Flour Madness is a great example of his various self-assignments that result in some solid work. It doesn’t hurt that he lives in a coastal Florida community and he uses great locations and awesome light to capture memorable images, but his edgy self portrait experiments are memorable too. Steve’s post processing is strong and finishes his images well, but his composition and photographic technique make the images strong before any post starts to “improve” them. One of the things I love about NAPP and Kelby Training classes is when I get to hear pros teach about their vision. I think I’d like to take a vision class from Steve.

Hair Spray

NAPP Image of the Week 9.30.13 - Editor's Choice Pick

A NAPP member whose work I’m am especially drawn to is Steve Augulis. He does some really cool (occasionally dark, moody) things with post processing, and he really understands capturing light. His recent self-portrait entitled HaIrSpRaY made the cut and brad said he loves the expression. The post processing treatment is really interesting because it’s such a high key, high contrast black and white image that is loaded with foreground detail. This is one of those images where blown out highlights are used artistically. The balance of the composition is interesting and the isolation of the subject make the piece especially strong. There’s so much energy in this image, the only thing we’d change about it, is that the title needs an exclamation point!